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 first aired on NBC in May 1983 as a mini series, people all over tuned into see resistance fighters of Earth defend their planet against Aliens. After the second mini series "The Final Battle", a TV series sprung up. But on a low budget and a few falling ratings it was cancelled. But fear no more. "V the Second Generation" has been released. Read it today. Now ABC is bringing back V See some of the Pics collected so far.



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Convention Circuit Morena Baccarin is going to be at the FanX convention this month here in UT.    http://http://saltlakecomiccon.com/


April 4, 1965 ~ October 4, 2014

Known to many as Captain T-Rex, Rex Randall Rouviere was born to parents Joseph and Ella Rouviere at Mather Air force Base in Sacramento, California on April 4th 1965. Rex passed away on October 4th, 2014 after a brief illness.

He is survived by both his parents Ella and Joe, wife Vicki, two sons Jeremy and Justin, Justin's wife Amber, his sister Celeste Creek, along with his niece Ashley, nephew Zach and many extended relatives.

Rex was an outgoing person who loved life and the many adventures it had to offer. A passionate draftsman, Rex loved working on everything from rockets to robots. Rex was an aficionado of science fiction, costuming, gaming, and writing as well as a participant of many clubs and fandoms. A gentle giant who was creative with a sharp wit and a big heart, Rex was dearly loved and will be greatly missed.

Services will be held at the Canyons Church 11 a.m. Thursday October 9th, at 1700 East Fort Union Boulevard, Salt Lake City, Utah 84121. Everyone is welcome to attend but the family requests that attendees bring a dish for a potluck after the service. - See more at: Rex's Obituary


 Denny Miller

Actor Denny Miller, whose big- and small-screen roles ranged from Tarzan to the Gorton’s fisherman, and V actor, died Tuesday at his Las Vegas home after battling ALS. He was 80.

Miller was diagnosed in January with the neurodegenerative disease ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease — and the inspiration for the recent Ice Bucket Challenge campaign.

It was a cruel irony for an actor, and former UCLA basketball player, devoted to physical fitness.

Even after his ALS diagnosis, “all the doctors and nurses who saw him said he was the strongest ALS patient they’d ever had,” said Miller’s wife Nancy. “Two years ago, he still looked like he was 50.”

A 12-year Las Vegas resident, Miller had a weight room in his garage that bore the sign “Miller’s Body Shop,” which helped him maintain the strapping physique that led to his showbiz breakthrough in a 1959 “Tarzan, the Ape Man” remake.

Born April 25, 1934, in Bloomington, Ind., where his father taught physical education at Indiana University, Miller began playing basketball in his boyhood — and wound up at UCLA playing for legendary coach John Wooden.

Working as a mover during summer vacation, the muscular Miller caught the eye of a talent agent and wound up playing Tarzan, billed as “MGM’s sensational new young star!”

Miller only played the Lord of the Jungle once. (The studio had rights or three Tarzan movies, “but the one I did was so bad they didn’t do the other two,” Miller joked in a 2007 Review-Journal interview.)

Yet he remained Tarzan for the rest of his life, as a card-carrying member of what he jokingly called the PTA: the Past Tarzans Association.

Miller was a regular at festivals celebrating his past roles — including, but not restricted to, V and Tarzan.

Fans of TV Westerns could meet and greet the strapping 6-foot-3 Duke Shannon, the role Miller played on TV’s “Wagon Train.”

During the show’s long run, his billing evolved from Denny Miller to Denny Scott Miller to Scott Miller, a process that inspired an amusing chapter in his 2004 memoir “Didn’t You Used to Be What’s His Name?” (Miller’s second book — 2006’s “Toxic Waist: Get to Know Sweat!” — focused on America’s obesity epidemic.)

Miller was a panelist last year at the Clark County Library’s Spring Fling book fair, but stopped attending festivals in September 2013, preferring to keep his illness private, Nancy Miller said.

“He maintained his dignity and grace,” she commented. “Once he was diagnosed, we tried to make every minute count.”

During his almost 50-year acting career, Miller appeared on the big screen with such stars as Sidney Poitier, Peter Sellers and Charles Bronson. He also guest starred on dozens of TV series, from “Gilligan’s Island” (where he spoofed his Tarzan past as Tongo the Ape Man) to “Gunsmoke,” “The Rockford Files” and “Vega$.”

One of the most memorable, Miller told the Review-Journal, was an “Incredible Hulk” episode in which he played a paraplegic who told the hospitalized David Banner (series star Bill Bixby), “Just ‘cause you can’t walk, life doesn’t stop — it just changes. How it changes is up to you.”

But Miller’s longest-running TV role came in commercials where he pitched frozen seafood for 14 years as the trustworthy Gorton’s fisherman. (When Gorton’s hired Miller — who had spent the previous 10 years as the brawny image of Brawny paper towels — the company’s packaging featured a clean-shaven fisherman, but that changed when Miller declined to shave his beard.)

When Nancy Miller called to inform Gorton’s of her husband’s death, the company’s chief operating officer told her “Denny was the best fisherman they’d ever had.”

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Mickey is doing well.  He is now recurring character on a big hit show called “Justified”.  It is on FX on Tuesday nights.  His third episode will air next Tuesday night.  Hope everyone watches and writes to the show letting them know just how much they like his character, Rodney “Hot Rod” Dunham.


V has been cancelled!

WE NOW MUST ADD letters to TNT!

1010 Techwood Dr. NW, Atlanta GA 30318

Email to: tnt@turner.com


And be sure to mention that you are part of PROJECT ALICE. GET THE WORD OUT NOW!


Greetings V peeps. Warner Brothers has released some official V merchandise. If we can show some interest in V merchandise more will follow. Please take a look at the V items.


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The Sirian Academy is open take a tour now. Advance with knowledge.


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  Sybil Danning, Born May 24th






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